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2017Explore NCTU 探索交大活動報名 online application

[ 2017探索交大 Explore NCTU ] 活動報名 online application

--FREE EVENT, APPLY NOW!! Seats are limited!!--


@活動日期 Event Date: Friday, December 8, 2017

@活動地點 Venue: 交通大學光復校區 National Chiao Tung University, Kuang-Fu Campus (Hsinchu City)

**本活動不開放給交大在學學生**This event is not open to current NCTU degree students**

If you are interested in studying at  NCTU, please download the interview form below.

We will arrange the time for you to have the interview with the faculty.

Open for interview: College of Engineering


活動當日我們會為您安排與系所面談時間 (開放面試學院: 工學院)

學系面試表格下載 Interview Form Download(word)  PDF

交大系所列表下載 List of Programs Download

請填寫下方報名表格並送出 Please fill in the application form below and submit:

申請截止日Application Deadline: Thursday, November 30, 2017






中文姓名Chinese name: *英文姓名English name:
First name, Last name Eg: James, Bond
*性別Sex: *飲食Lunch Box: *國籍Nationality:
*電話phone number:
*身分別Identity: *現就讀系所major:
*現就讀學校Current University: 對交大有興趣的領域Fields that you are interested in NCTU:
想告訴交大的事Things you would like to tell us:
*參加面試意願Are you interested in interview with NCTU faculty?:
是 Yes 
否 No 
*現就讀學位Degree currently pursuing:
請輸入此驗證碼 : 9109
Voice Play

**FREE Lunch and GIFT  are provided for participants**


  ~ WELCOME TO JOIN US~期待您的參加~